The results of <MCS MainNet Early Bird Registration Event> Benefit 3

a year ago

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Hello, this is MCS.

We would like to announce the results of <MCS MainNet Early Bird Registration Event>, which is the third event of 'Be The First of MCS'.

We have substituted the middle portion of your ID with '*' exposed just the first two letters and last one letter for your personal information protection.

Congratulations for those who are chosen! $55 of bonus will be distributed on June 8th and can be checked in <My Asset> page.


  1. Traders cannot withdraw the bonus, however, withdrawing all profits will be possible.
  2. The bonus can be used as margins, and the bonus will be used first as a fee or contract loss.
  3. Traders can withdraw profits earned from the bonus. However the rewarded bonuses will be recalled upon any withdrawal. If the trader cancels the withdrawal request, the recalled bonuses will be restored.

MCS will consider traders at the first.

Thank you.


Traders always come first on MCS.

#Be_a_Trader | MCS




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Published a year ago