Russia's Largest Bank Expands Another 5,000 Blockchain ATMs to prevent Covid19

a year ago

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Russia's largest state-owned bank, '*Sberbank', announced that it will expand the installation of blockchain-based ATMs that support contactless payments to prevent the spread of COVID19. According to the Russian daily newspaper Izvestia on the 25th, Sberbank is planning to deploy up to 5000 blockchain-based ATMs across Russia. Sberbank said it already has more than 75,000 blockchain-based ATMs and will purchase and deploy 5,000 additional blockchain ATMs across Russia through a $180 million bid.

*Sberbank : PJSC Sberbank is a state-owned Russian banking and financial services company headquartered in Moscow.

Blockchain ATM

Blockchain ATM supports various contactless payment systems such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Mir Pay and Huawei Pay. Sberbank stated that they expect the additional deployment of Blockchain ATMs will reduce unnecessary customer contact in the COVID19 Pandemic situation.

We hope the blockchain ATMs can contribute to preventing the spread of Corona 19.

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Published a year ago