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Until Dyson's cyclone cleaner came into our lives, emptying the dust bag and replacing it with a new one was unquestionably accepted as a norm. Not questioning why things are done the way it is now and not searching for a better alternative is the same as eliminating the possibility of innovation that can lead to a better way.

Peter Ferdinand Drucker, the father of management thinking, defines innovation in a similar context. He describes it as 'a behavior that changes the value and satisfaction of consumers', which should also be preceded by throwing a question mark in the existing 'value' or 'norm'. MyCoinStory (MCS) has questioned the things that are taken for granted in existing cryptocurrency derivative exchanges and devised a way for everyone to have financial freedom through trading.

MCS's Question 1. Wouldn't it be more efficient to manage asset risk by having positions in both directions under one account?

MCS's Better Way 1.MCS implemented the "multi-position" system which allows traders to have three positions at once.

This allows traders to hedge against different strategies in one account. By generating different returns on two opposite positions for the same quantity and operating an additional single position at the same time, traders can use three times more trading techniques than before. This will upgrade one's trading skills and allow hedging more strategically.


MCS's Question 2. Why use the unstable USD for a quote currency?

MCS's Better Way 2. MCS uses the USDT as a quote currency to prevent potential disbenefits that may arise from rapid price fluctuations.

There are not many exchanges that handle BTC/USD trading pair or have abundant liquidity in the current cryptocurrency exchange market. This limits the number of exchanges to refer to in calculating the mark price which is highly relevant to traders' profits. If a problem arises on one of the referred exchanges, it is likely that an 'inadequate' mark price will be formed that will damage traders. However, MCS uses BTC/USDT trading pair to protect traders from this event.


These 'MCS's Better Ways' mentioned above are not the results of coincidences like the accidental connection of fragile filaments made the illumination. Every member at MCS has 'personally' traded on various existing exchanges, asked questions in every area, and tried to come up with a better way. Some may have taken it for granted, but MCS certainly did not miss the details, creating the unique value of MCS.

MCS will look at every aspect from the perspective of traders, will continue to provide traders a better trading environment through analysis and systematic approach, and forever progress for the "best".


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