A Child Named God of Investment with 2232.5% Rate of Return... the Secret Behind

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What if $100 Worth of Bitcoin was Gifted to Children on Children's Day Every Year from 2013?


On May 5, 2013, Bitcoin's price was $116.79. If $100 worth was spent, approximately 0.85623769BTC worth of bitcoin could've been purchased.



On May 5, 2014, Bitcoin's price was $429.08. If the same $100 was spent, it's 0.23305677BTC worth of bitcoin. When added to the previous amount, it's 1.08929446BTC in total.



On May 5, 2015, Bitcoin's price was $236. Same routine. $100 is now worth 0.42372881BTC. When added to the previous amount, it's 1.5130232BTC in total.




Now let's take a look from 2016 to 2020 at one glance.



May 5, 2016

1BTC = $448.92

$100 worth: 0.22275683 BTC

Accumulative: 1.73578003 BTC


May 5, 2017

1BTC = $1,506.04 (Tripled amount🤭)

$100 worth: 0.06639929 BTC

Accumulative: 1.80217932 BTC


May 5, 2018

1BTC = $9,634.54

$100 worth: 0.01037932 BTC

Accumulative: 1.81255864 BTC


May 5, 2019

1BTC = $5,803.94

$100 worth: 0.01722967 BTC

Accumulative: 1.829788BTC



It's now 2020... let's take a look at the graph from 2020!


On May 5, 2020, Bitcoin's price was $8,790.49. $100 is approximately 0.01137593BTC, which summed up with the 1.82978831BTC so far, sits 1.84116424BTC in total balance.



If the above was put to action, and if I were a nice enough uncle to treat my kids or nephews from 2013 to 2020, 8 years in total, the $800 worth of investment would now have become 1.84116424BTC. What an investment! 👀  (It's a marvelous 2232.5% rate of return.)



So dear MCS traders, what if you upgrade your annual presents to your lovely children and nephews to Bitcoin every year starting from 2021?




Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.





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