Annual Ethereum Developers Conference Devcon Canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19

a year ago

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Ethereum's annual developers' conference 'Devcon' planned to be held in Argentina this year was canceled. Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 showed no signs of relaxation, causing the event to be postponed to a year later.

Ethereum Developer Conference Devcon

Every year since 2014, the Ethereum community of developers, investors, and fans have met to discuss and share ideas related to the current and future state of the Ethereum network called Devcon. Previous events have successfully been held in other countries starting from the very first Devcon at Berlin, Germany, followed by London, Shanghai, Cancún, Prague and then Osaka.


Host Country for Devcon VI to Change from Argentina to Colombia

Originally planned for Argentina in 2020, Devcon not only was pushed to next year but also its host country to Colombia.

Now we'd have to called Devcon 2021 instead. We will be on our feet to deliver the hottest news to our MCS traders first!

Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.


Traders always come first on MCS.

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