A Lesson on Trading by a famous Nintendo Video Game Animal Crossing: New Horizons

a year ago

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A fluctuating market of turnips has caught the attention of many gamers, however the mechanism has gathered interest from the financial industry as well.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal Crossing is a Nintendo game series dating back to 2001 where you can slowly build your own attractive island using basic equipment like shovels and axes. You can earn the game money called "Bells" that can be used to craft your island can be earned through catching fish, insects or simply digging up holes. Furthermore, a new currency called "Turnips" have been introduced in this series which totally brings the characteristics of the stock market to the game.




Users can purchase turnips with Bells every Sunday and the price of the turnips fluctuate like the cryptocurrency market. At times, users were able to profit 5 times the price they purchased. Not only in the main market, there are many OTC trades that occur on different islands. Users are able to compare the price and sell in different markets. This means arbitraging is possible and users will go and buy low and sell high in different markets. The concept behind this economic ecosystem that Animal Crossing has brought to surface reflects very much like Bitcoin and its markets.

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